Church Response to Covid19

Calvary Bible Church Response and Policies as we safely reinstate in person services.

Starting May 3, 2020 we will resume our morning service which will begin at 11:00 am.  During the continued stay at home and shelter in place that that Governor Whitmer  has currently placed the citizens of Michigan until May 15, 2020.   The leadership of Calvary Bible Church believes that we can safely meet while practicing social distancing.  We under stand that EACH family dynamic will be different and we will support you in your choices.  We will continue to live stream and phone conference each service.   We will add more services throughout the month of May.  We are asking High Risk members to remain home during the first opening stages.

Sunday Morning service  May 3  at 11:00 am  you are welcome to come and worship with us at the church building.  We look forward to the reunion Sunday.

Complete information for the starting of Church services May 3, 2020

“Consistent with prior guidance, a place of religious worship, when used for religious worship, is not subject to penalty under section 14,”reads the new order. Section 14 refers to the part of the order that makes violations a misdemeanor.

Church Exemption

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